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I am a sculptor currently working in wood and found objects, including recovered architectural remnants and foundry molds. Most recently, horses have been myprimary subject, although I've also created sculptural landscapes. As my life has progressed, so has what I make and how I make it.

The desire to make something from nothing has always been a part of me. From my childhood, when being one of six kids meant not having a lot of "stuff", I knew Icould go out into the woods and find tiny dishes for my dolls in the tops of acorns, and make silverware from delicate branches, food from tiny seeds and berries.The shapes of my materials, both intended and otherwise, and the look and feel of wood appeals to my senses. Industrial molds are studies in shapes, and they areusually made of good woods, and often painted primary colors. I had begun to collect them as just objects of beauty. Boxes of wood bits were beginning to fill upmy studio. The first horse I made was a head. The mane was a flowing bit of furniture trim, and a black industrial mold in the shape of a number 9 the head andneck. It occurred to me before I could think about it – the collected pieces of wood almost formed themselves. Putting them together felt like a revelation to me.Re-using wood, particularly industrial molds, is important to me. Wood that has been shaped by man and worn by time is the perfect metaphorical material forthese horses. My feelings as both an artist and a horse lover are reflected in the work.

The skills for scavenging and building sustained me in 15 years of prop making and designing for national TV shows and NY and regional theatre. Eventually I movedout of the city and began teaching art. Teaching reawakened my love of making pure art. The lives of the artists I taught about took on new relevancies, and gaveme the courage to think on my own and try things I hadn't seen before. Witnessing the creative process of children also fueled my own imagination and helped me tothink like the child I was at one time, who searched for and found the flotsam and jetsam I could build with.